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Gated Communities Real Estate

The comfort of living in a gated community can ease your mind at night. The Wilmington and greater area has numerous neighborhoods that have this amenity.  Some small neighborhoods, some large, and even whole gated islands. Many include other luxury amenities such as pools, golf courses, and fitness centers.


To many peoples’ disbelief, living in a gated community isn’t solely for million dollar home owners.  Neighborhoods such as Landfall, Compass Pointe, and Porters Neck Plantation have homes in the $300,000’s and lots in the low $100,000’s.


There are neighborhoods that have guarded entrances at all times of the day, with visitor passes and automatic entrance for members.  While others have limited times they are locked, such as the evenings or nights. No matter the level of security, there is a match for everyone!  Take a look at the neighborhoods below that all offer gate service, and click on the link to see properties currently for sale.